Lose the Excuses and Live a 'But'-Kickin' Life!

Many of us let excuses prevent us from following our dreams. We say things like, "I would do that BUT…." Now is the time to lose the excuses and live a "but"-kickin' life. Get ready for an educational and entertaining session presented by international speaker and author, Linda Henley-Smith, who will share some "but"-kickin' ideas and lots of laughter!

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Linda is a world-renowned speaker and motivational queen.

If you could have a high-energy, motivating, educational and entertaining program which delivered practical suggestions on life balance, stress management, leadership, dealing with change, team building, strengthening relationships and taking your organization from good to great….what would that program be worth to you?

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Why you need to have a good time with Linda

AT SOME POINT in every employee's career,BURNOUT will occur . . . it may be nothing major, but if even a little spark CREEPS IN, the flames of boredom can lick at the body and soul of the employee DESTROYING the passion and enthusiasm that makes a great employee and diluting his or her EFFECTIVENESS in the workplace, but FEAR NOT . . . Help is Here!