Frequently Asked Questions: (Just the FAQs, Ma’am)

Q: Who are some of Linda’s clients?
A: Linda’s clients include Fortune 500 companies, schools and educational organizations, professional societies, church groups, civic groups, women’s conferences, not-for profit organizations and more….national and international. For testimonials, click HERE or for a partial client list click HERE (the list is partial…not the clients!!)
Q: How can I preview one of Linda’s programs?
A: To have a short preview video sent overnight to you, contact us at (800) 325-2844 or linda@lindahenley-smith.com. Linda also has video footage of her family’s trip to the Grand Canyon when she was five years old. She was much cuter then. But, you will probably want to stick with the program preview. Online program video coming soon.
Q: How are the speaking fees determined and how much are they?
A: When arriving at a fee for speaking services, we take into consideration the length of the program; for instance, a keynote is typically less expensive than a half-day or day-long seminar or “playshop”. If asked nicely, Linda will also throw in a breakout session along with a keynote, at no extra charge. And, there is usually a discount for not-for-profit organizations. The bottom line is this: if you will let us know what you need and the date you need it, we’ll be happy to toss around a few options and make you an offer that will work for you!

Also, to save money on travel, if you can get another group in your area interested in a “For the Good Times” program, you might be able to share travel and accommodation expenses and a reduction in the speaker fee. Yippee!
Q: Can my organization pre-purchase Linda’s books, tapes and products?
A: Yes! In most cases, when you purchase in bulk, we can provide you with these items at a substantial discount over the list price and deliver them directly to your meeting site. If requested, Linda will be happy to sign books at your event. Actually, she will sign anything. But, she promises not to write on the walls.
Q: How far is Linda willing to travel?
A: If you offer her food and a bed, Linda will go anywhere! She does not get airsick, so there are no limitations. Linda has presented in just about every state in the country as well as in Mexico, Canada and Europe.
Q: What are the terms of payment?
A: Upon signing of the contract, we ask for a 20% non-refundable deposit. That will guarantee that the date is saved for you. It will also give Linda some spending money. Seriously…the date will be saved and all other jobs will be turned down. If your organization should have to cancel the engagement, the deposit will be forfeited. If you need to cancel within 90 days of the event, the full fee will be due. The balance of the fee shall be due upon completion of the speaking services. Remember: Linda used to teach Junior High, so she has no fear! If you don’t pay….watch out, because she’ll be taking names!!
Q: OK…I’m sold! I want Linda to present a lively, entertaining and educational “For the Good Times” program. What do I do now?
A: First, prepare for a good time. Then, contact us and we will send you a packet which will help in the planning of your event. This will include a contract, a program title and description (suitable for framing or a printed program) a list of audio-visual needs and other important information that you can’t live without. You will also receive a planning sheet with questions which will help us to personalize your program. For more info about booking, click HERE.

Linda is a world-renowned speaker and motivational queen.

If you could have a high-energy, motivating, educational and entertaining program which delivered practical suggestions on life balance, stress management, leadership, dealing with change, team building, strengthening relationships and taking your organization from good to great….what would that program be worth to you?

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AT SOME POINT in every employee's career,BURNOUT will occur . . . it may be nothing major, but if even a little spark CREEPS IN, the flames of boredom can lick at the body and soul of the employee DESTROYING the passion and enthusiasm that makes a great employee and diluting his or her EFFECTIVENESS in the workplace, but FEAR NOT . . . Help is Here!