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Our speaker is Linda Henley-Smith, Founder and Director of “But”-Kickin’ Programs. She is the author of six books, including her most recent one, "Slightly Irregular Underwear." Linda doesn’t often tell people that she once received a Nobel Prize and has won beauty contests in all 50 states. She doesn’t often share these things because they are not true. What IS true, however is that she holds degrees in education and music, and enjoys memberships in the National Speakers Association and the Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor. She speaks nationally, internationally and at family gatherings, when she can get a word in edgewise. Linda is the proud mother of two and grandmother of six. Her family is not perfect, but neither have they been on Jerry Springer, so life is good. Please welcome Linda Henley-Smith.

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“Linda puts on a powerful presentation! Learned through her own challenges in life, she has developed such a wonderful message for everyone to hear! any of the people who attended her recent presentation at PG&E left feeling lighter and more joyful for what they have and continue to find that, despite what is tossed into our path, we can focus on the good things and laugh our way to better living!”

Wendy Bossier, ISTS Safety Coordinator, Pacific Gas & Electric Co., San Francisco

Linda is a world-renowned speaker and motivational queen.

If you could have a high-energy, motivating, educational and entertaining program which delivered practical suggestions on life balance, stress management, leadership, dealing with change, team building, strengthening relationships and taking your organization from good to great….what would that program be worth to you?

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AT SOME POINT in every employee's career,BURNOUT will occur . . . it may be nothing major, but if even a little spark CREEPS IN, the flames of boredom can lick at the body and soul of the employee DESTROYING the passion and enthusiasm that makes a great employee and diluting his or her EFFECTIVENESS in the workplace, but FEAR NOT . . . Help is Here!