For the good times programs

"For the Good Times” Programs offer the benefit of on-site, face to face seminars presented by a real human being who is not speaking to you from a monitor. Video trainings certainly have their place and value, but there are times when a staff needs to interact, participate and “do” rather than just sit and listen!

Each of these programs can be tailored as an in-house workshop which will address the issues of your particular company. Participants are given the opportunity to step away from their everyday routines and take an interactive and fun look at very specific issues. They will leave these programs with more insight into how to make their personal and professional lives more effective. And…they’ll have a good time doing it! The sessions will be designed to meet your group size and time allowances…you can have a two hour seminar or a half or whole day action packed event. Keynotes and breakout sessions are also available for conventions and conferences, as well as on-going consulting programs to supplement and reinforce what was learned in the sessions.

Linda Henley-Smith is an internationally known speaker and author who has been presenting programs based in humor and attitude adjustment for over fifteen years. Her work has taken her all around the world, sharing the platform with people such as Jack Canfield, Goldie Hawn, Priscilla Presley, Erin Brokovich, Ken Blanchard and others. She was recently featured with Mark Victor Hansen, John Gray and others in the book “Mission: Possible”, a compilation of interviews by twelve Americans who have achieved success in their respective fields. What makes her programs unique is her blend of humor, music and innovative techniques, which entertain and educate audiences; inspiring them to be the best they can be, personally and professionally. Linda is a member of National Speakers Association, Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor, E-Women Network and American Business Women’s Association.

Live your life in the key of laughter

Linda Henley-Smith has spent a lifetime in the entertainment industry, performing in musical theater and operatic productions all around the world. Laughing and singing are her two favorite things to do! And since laughter and music are the two universal languages, Linda uses both to present a musical event that will inspire and motivate. Laughter is the music of the soul and in this program, audiences will be swept away on the wings of laughter and song while being entertained by heartwarming stories that exemplify the resiliency of the human spirit. And of course, also present will be Linda's famous props used in all of her programs and "playshops." Linda is more than a program . . . she is an event to be remembered.

"You reinforced some very necessary perspectives without beating anyone over the head. Your subtle and laughable message made them take notice. You were well prepared, knew your material and kept everyone involved, which only adds to your professionalism as a speaker! The audience wanted to listen so they wouldn’t miss anything you had to say. In fact, when under stress, we all still keep reminding each other of your words."

Wells Fargo

"From the first conversation with Linda, she worked hard to identify the specific stressors of our staff, and the best, most genuine and enthusiastic way to present a meaningful approach to handling those stressors. She was extremely flexible and professional when it came to working with us to provide the training as a teleconference, and I've received feedback that our staffs have been putting her tips into practice!"

Katie Pieper
Easter Seals

Linda is a world-renowned speaker and motivational queen.

If you could have a high-energy, motivating, educational and entertaining program which delivered practical suggestions on life balance, stress management, leadership, dealing with change, team building, strengthening relationships and taking your organization from good to great….what would that program be worth to you?

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Why you need to have a good time with Linda

AT SOME POINT in every employee's career,BURNOUT will occur . . . it may be nothing major, but if even a little spark CREEPS IN, the flames of boredom can lick at the body and soul of the employee DESTROYING the passion and enthusiasm that makes a great employee and diluting his or her EFFECTIVENESS in the workplace, but FEAR NOT . . . Help is Here!