For those right-brained people who just want to know about the creative stuff:

PUNCH-AN-ALIEN - $9.99 + $1.00 S&H

When you feel like punching someone, but you feel it might be inappropriate, just let this alien critter do your boxing for you! This  is a great stress reliever. Consider carrying him with you in the car to ward off road rage, or take him to the office to get your point across. Makes a great gift, as well!

Shipping $1.00
Total: $10.99

Magic Wand - $5.00 + $1.00 S&H

I see that your mood's in a negative place.

I can't have your bad vibes invading my space!

I care about you... your hand I will hold...

But not while you're choosing to act like a troll!

And so with a wave of my magic wand,

For now... in MY world... "POOF" are gone.

~Linda Henley-Smith


Shipping $1.00
Total: $6


No Whining Button (6") - $4.50 + $0.75 S&H

Shipping $0.75
Total: $5.25

SMILE-ON-A-STICK - $.50 each + $.50 S&H

When you just don't feel like smiling, hide behind this goofy, toothy grin and no one will know the difference! These are wonderful ice-breakers at stuffy meetings and also are fun to use while driving in heavy traffic.

Shipping $0.50
Total: $1.00


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